Repost – The Company You Work For Is Not Your Friend

This was a pretty good article on Lifehacker.  While it takes a pretty mercenary view of the employer / employee relationship much of it is true.

The days of life long employment are gone and with most (not all) companies looking out for their bottom line first it’s inevitable that employees are going to reciprocate.

How a ‘5 minutes a day’ Mentality Makes a Difference

Two or three minutes a day doesn’t sound like much, even when you consider that 5 minutes a day adds up to 3 days a year. It’s such a small time period that many people won’t try to save that much.  They’ll say it’s not worth it.

But it all adds up.  If you can save 5 minutes a day on your email (and you can) that’s 5 minutes you can use to do something else.  Maybe you can invest that 5 minutes into saving some more time, maybe the investment becomes catching the earlier train on Friday.  The savings is yours, you just need to be open to finding it.

I’ve found that looking for the small time savings becomes a habit.  It’s becomes a mindset.  Spend a bit of time making a macro – maybe the payoff is only for that one workbook – but if you get really comfortable doing macros they’ll get done faster.  This week I needed a macro to work around some data issues.  I probably won’t use that exact code again but it’s in my toolbox and I’m exercising my VBA muscles.

It’s like a vlookup in Excel, once you do a lot of them they become second nature and they’re no longer hard to do.  Record enough macros and you’ll remember all those funny bits of code and come back to reuse them.

Make enough Outlook Quick Steps and you’ll start making them for anything.  I made one for year end accruals, something I needed for 2 weeks.  It was faster to spend 3 minutes making a rule then having to process 3 emails in the normal manner.

When it’s faster to make it and then use it compared to the alternative you’re in the really productive zone.

So don’t say ‘I don’t have enough time’, in today’s fast paced world you need to make some time to save more time.