MSDN blog – 240 Free Microsoft Technical books

Microsoft’6558.image_thumb_529B9DB2s MSDN network is giving away a mess of free technical books. There are a number of guides on Outlook/Excel/OneNote plus a bunch on Sharepoint which isa hot topic where I work.

Many of the books are aimed at IT pros and not end users but there looks to be some nuggets of insight. I’ve already looked at Skype for Business – Meetings and think that it will get added to the ‘welcome package’ we’ve put together for new hires.

I’m also going to look at the Office on Windows 8.1 as I’m struggling to get Excel working on my phone and the How To Recover That Un-Saved Office Document is something we all need occasionally.

Hurry up and see what’s available and if you find something surprisingly good please share it in the comments.